Saturday, April 20, 2024

Tenant attach vs Co-management


 Let’s delve into the comparison between tenant attach and co-management:

  1. Tenant Attach:

    • Definition: Tenant Attach is a feature that allows you to connect your Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) hierarchy to your Microsoft Intune tenant.
    • Purpose: It enables synchronization between ConfigMgr and Intune, allowing you to manage devices using either solution.
    • Visibility: You can view Configuration Manager devices in the Intune admin center.
    • Use Case: Useful when you want to gradually transition from ConfigMgr to Intune or need a hybrid management approach.
    • Flexibility: You can choose to manage devices purely with ConfigMgr or Intune, based on your requirements.
  2. Co-management:

    • Definition: Co-management occurs when a device is simultaneously managed by both ConfigMgr and Intune.
    • Purpose: It allows organizations to leverage the strengths of both solutions.
    • Scenarios: Co-management is beneficial for scenarios where you want to:
      • Gradually move workloads from ConfigMgr to Intune.
      • Use Intune for modern management while maintaining existing ConfigMgr infrastructure.
    • Features: Co-management provides features like conditional access, compliance policies, and Windows Update management.
    • Device State: Devices can be in a co-managed state, where both ConfigMgr and Intune policies apply.

In summary, tenant attach establishes a connection between ConfigMgr and Intune, while co-management enables dual management of devices. The choice depends on your organization’s needs and migration strategy


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