Thursday, November 30, 2023

Enable Microsoft Entra self-service password reset on the Windows sign-in screen


 To configure self-service password reset on the sign-in screen using Intune, you need to create a device configuration policy in Microsoft Intune and enable the Allow Aad Password Reset setting. This setting allows users to reset their passwords directly from the Windows sign-in screen, improving the overall user experience on Windows devices. Here are the steps to create the policy:

  • Sign in to the Microsoft Intune Admin portal .
  • Select Devices > Windows > Configuration profiles > Create profile.
  • In Create Profile, select Platform as Windows 10 and later and Profile type as Settings catalog. Click on Create button.
  • On the Basics tab, enter a name and a description for the policy, then select Next.
  • In Configuration settings, click Add settings to browse or search the catalog for the settings you want to configure.
  • On the Settings Picker window, select Authentication to see all the settings in this category. Select Allow Aad Password Reset below. After adding your settings, close the settings picker.
  • On the Configuration settings tab, select the Allow Aad Password Reset setting and choose Allow Then select Next.
  • On the Assignments tab, choose the groups of devices that you want to apply this policy to. Then select Next.
  • On the Review + create tab, review your settings and click on Create to create the policy.


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