Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Windows LAPS management via Microsoft Intune available in preview


 Microsoft has recently announced the preview availability of Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) management via Microsoft Intune. This new feature enables IT administrators to manage LAPS settings for on-premises Windows devices from the cloud-based Intune console.

LAPS is a Microsoft solution that provides a random and unique password for the local administrator account on each Windows device, helping to enhance security by preventing the spread of credentials between devices. With this new Intune integration, administrators can now easily manage LAPS settings for on-premises Windows devices without the need for additional infrastructure or tools.

To get started with LAPS management via Intune, administrators need to enable the feature in their Intune tenant and configure the settings they want to use. They can then deploy the LAPS client to their on-premises Windows devices using Intune, and configure the LAPS settings as needed.

Once the LAPS client is deployed, Intune will automatically rotate the local administrator password according to the configured policy. The new password will be stored securely in Active Directory, where it can be retrieved if needed.

This new feature is particularly useful for organizations with a large number of on-premises Windows devices that want to improve their security posture without additional complexity. By leveraging Microsoft Intune for LAPS management, administrators can easily manage this critical security feature for their on-premises devices from a single, cloud-based console.

Overall, the availability of LAPS management via Microsoft Intune is a welcome addition to the already robust security management capabilities of the platform. As more organizations adopt cloud-based management solutions, this feature will provide an easier and more streamlined way to manage LAPS settings for on-premises Windows devices.


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