Monday, September 4, 2023

Adding Sponsors for Guest user


Introducing the sponsor feature enables you to designate a responsible individual or group for each guest user. This functionality allows for the tracking of the inviting party and enhances accountability.

This article delivers an overview of the sponsor feature and offers guidance on its application within B2B scenarios.

The Sponsors field within the user object pertains to the individual or group responsible for extending the invitation to the guest user within the organization. This field serves as a means to identify the inviting party and enhance accountability. It's important to note that being a sponsor does not confer administrative privileges upon the sponsor user or group. Instead, it can be employed for approval processes in Entitlement Management.

When extending an invitation to a guest user, you automatically assume the role of the sponsor for that guest user, unless you explicitly designate another user as the sponsor during the invitation process. Your name will be automatically added to the Sponsors field within the user object. Additionally, it's possible to assign up to 5 sponsors to a single guest user.


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