Sunday, April 30, 2023

Hyper-V Windows 11 VM Creation Error - "This PC doesn't meet the minimum System requirements to install this version of windows.



When we create a VM on the Hyper-V, Windows 11 we getting these errror. these are the minimum system requirements you need to create the Windows 11 VM.

Blow things we need to check when we are creating the VM

  • VM Generations

We need to select Generation 2 because its the one support UEFI Secure boot.

  •  Processor

In the Settings we need to make sure that we have selected more than 2 virtual processers.

  • Enable Trusted Platform Module

Go to settings and select Security and mark "Enable Trusted Platform Module". Most of the time this might be the issue we getting about error. default its not enable the Trusted Platform Module.


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